Media Coverage

I am glad for the opportunities I had to speak about my work. If you work on a story about a topic I am familiar with or you would like to cover any of my research articles in a story, please feel free to reach out. You can reach me via:

General Coverage

TV & Webinars

  1. Interview - Long-Term Prospects for Digital Finance (01.09.2021), Russia Business Channel (RBC), Link to Interview


  1. Finder Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 (28.07.2021),, Link to Article

  2. Finder Cryptocurrency Predictions Report (10.05.2021),, Link to Article

  3. Finder's Bitcoin Prediction Survey Shows Respondents Forecast Six-Digit BTC Prices (27.04.2021),, Link to Article

  4. Finder’s 2021 Bitcoin Predictions Report, (21.04.2021),, Link to Article

  5. Finder’s Bitcoin Predictions Report: December2020 (23.12.2020), Link to Article